The location of the inn - centuries old. The art, on the other hand, modern. International cuisine in keeping with the trends, fresh and nippy. In short: LIFESTYLE UNDILUTED.

The combination of the location seeped in history with a modern cuisine is an attraction for all senses. Our high grade kitchen, excellent and attentive service and an environment for relaxing and taking a deep breath:

Located at the foot of the fort Marksburg, this is an opportunity for you to indulge in an historic ambience, enjoying the regional cuisine. Light and unhampered. Do get to know us.

In the afternoon, we tempt you with coffee in all its forms: "home-ground" and "ice-coffees".

In summer, we offer our guests a relaxed and homely Biergarten in the middle of old woodwork buildings – directly overlooking the stream. That is the way to live!

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More information about our brasserie:

You can see an extract of our menu card here, as a PDF-file.

Opening hours of the Brasserie Brentano:
Mondays to Saturdays:
round the clock
Sundays: Brunch
Closed on Sunday evenings