We recommend our mill for groups of up to 120 persons. You can put together your group menu card yourself, by selecting 10 dishes from our range of offerings, and communicating this selection to us. If you need further suggestions, do send us a brief mail, we have a huge range of offerings, and what we have presented here is just a small extract from our repertoire.

And of course, the chauffeur does not have to pay!

And it is all so simple:

Reserve the rooms, decide on the menu, done!

On the day of reservation, your guests just need to tick against the dish of their choice and you just have to pass on the order to us.

We do not charge for the hall and the decoration; our prices are inclusive of the service and VAT.

Interested? We look forward to your queries.


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For tour operators

Thank you very much for your interest in our family-run inn. We will be happy to send you more material, giving you information and a more specific overview of our terms for repeat customers.

Or just call us so that we can make you a special offer over telephone, and also check on the dates at the same time. Plenty of upgrades are available in the off-season, for instance!